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Sail Blinds For Conservatories

How Can I Keep My Conservatory Cool?

Summer is the prime time to enjoy the treasures a conservatory has to offer. Light, airy, and connected to nature – conservatories come alive in the sunnier seasons. However, there is one major drawback; the heat. In order to get a complete solution, three elements must be tackled: Provide shade: This only means lack of direct light, as opposed to no light at all. You will feel at least 10 degrees cooler in the shade. Reflect Heat: Reflecting as much heat as possible, or preventing it from entering the room in the first place, is a vital step. Provide Ventilation or…

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Conservatory Sail Blinds

What Are Conservatory Sail Blinds And How Do They Work?

Searching for a shading solution for your conservatory? You might have come across the term ‘conservatory sail blinds’ and are wondering exactly what innovations these products can offer above standard blinds. So – what are they, how do they work, and how exactly does the installation process take place? What are conservatory sail blinds? Conservatory sail blinds are a modern alternative to regular blinds. Made from UV resistant fabric that reflects over 70% of the sun’s heat, sail blinds are hooked against the glass ceiling of a conservatory and sit gracefully below the roof frame. Shaped and styled to suit the…

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InShade Conservatory Sails vs Conservatory Blinds Infographic

Conservatory Sails Vs Conservatory Blinds – Which Are Best? [Infographic]

  When choosing a shading solution for your conservatory, several factors must be weighed up, such as – design options, heat and glare control, cleaning, and fabric quality. Sail blinds are an innovative new option for conservatories that bypass many of the problems presented by standard blinds. Let’s take a look at a comparison. Design Options Sail blinds can be shaped and styled in endless different configurations, creating a look and layout that is totally unique to your space. This contrasts with the relatively limited design options that standard conservatory blinds offer. Heat & Glare Control Standard blinds have two settings…

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