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How Can I Keep My Conservatory Cool?

Summer is the prime time to enjoy the treasures a conservatory has to offer. Light, airy, and connected to nature – conservatories come alive in the sunnier seasons. However, there is one major drawback; the heat.

In order to get a complete solution, three elements must be tackled:

Luckily, you can keep your conservatory cool in summer by opting for one or more of the following techniques.

Open the Window

An obvious choice but not without its drawbacks. This option does little to reflect heat or provide shade, and opening windows allows the free passage of flies, wasps and other creepy crawlies into your properties – burdening this option with a touch of annoyance. However, if you wish to brave unwelcome visitors then opening at least a few windows and interior doors will encourage a light breeze to circulate throughout the space.

Air Conditioning System

Artificial temperature control is another alternative, which is provided by the installation of an air conditioning system. At the touch of the button, you can bring the temperature to optimum levels – many systems also offer heating ability, making this feature useful in winter as well. Unfortunately, AC comes with a hefty price, and doesn’t provide shade or resolve the sister problem of sunglare.


Reroofing, and removing the glass, will entirely defeat the purpose of a conservatory – this technique should only be used if you have fallen out of love with your conservatory or simply no longer have use for one. Before you make this choice, bear in mind that a conservatory adds value to the asking price of a property.

Tinted Glazing

Special tinted glazing can allow through light whilst reducing the degree of heat transmittance into a conservatory – giving you the best of both worlds. The drawbacks are the slightly dark appearance of the windows (which can look a little dull from the outside), a large price tag, and the inability to help with ventilation. It is also worth noting that even the best solar glass will not be sufficient on summer days, or in dealing with glare.


Conservatory blinds are an obvious choice for shading and one of the more popular options. They keep the sunlight out and cool a room down by use of fabric. An issue with blinds is upkeep of their quality, as they are fairly difficult to keep clean. Also, raising or lowering the blind to control admittance of sunlight and heat does not allow a great deal of flexibility with allowing some light through – instead, it is somewhat all or nothing. That’s where sails have the solution.

Conservatory Sails

Conservatory sails are the contemporary answer to heat and glare, whilst also assisting with ventilation. With limitless layouts available, you can create the best setup to enhance your space. Sitting gracefully below the roof frame, sails allow soft light to filter through whilst blocking out the harsh glare and reflecting over 70% of the sun’s heat – letting you enjoy the light without the discomfort. We balance our design to suit your existing ventilation measures, helping to enhance whatever you already have in place to create the best possible solution. Maintenance is also made easy with sails, as they are machine washable and require zero ironing or drying.

If you’re seeking bespoke sails for your conservatory, look no further than InShade. We are the sole provider for the UK, utilising a vast network of local suppliers who have been specially chosen for their professionalism and knowledge of the InShade process. To discover more about our range of made-to-measure sail blinds, get in touch today.


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