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What Are Conservatory Sail Blinds And How Do They Work?

Searching for a shading solution for your conservatory? You might have come across the term ‘conservatory sail blinds’ and are wondering exactly what innovations these products can offer above standard blinds. So – what are they, how do they work, and how exactly does the installation process take place?

What are conservatory sail blinds?

Conservatory sail blinds are a modern alternative to regular blinds. Made from UV resistant fabric that reflects over 70% of the sun’s heat, sail blinds are hooked against the glass ceiling of a conservatory and sit gracefully below the roof frame. Shaped and styled to suit the client, sails overlap in a bespoke layout which is created with the help of in-house designers. Thanks to their personalised configuration, which is different with each and every client, the temperature and shading needs of any size or construction of conservatory can be catered for.

How do conservatory sail blinds work?

The success of sail blinds lies with the fabric and the layout.

All fabrics used in manufacture are of the highest quality which blocks out the harsh light, whilst letting a softer, natural light enter the space.

Customers have the flexibility to create a bespoke look and layout for their sail blind arrangement. We appreciate that every conservatory is different and therefore needs a sail configuration to truly enhance that specific space. Our in-house designers identify the areas of your conservatory that need heat and glare protection most, and suggest an arrangement that caters for this. Light gently diffuses through the fabric while the gaps create shafts of direct sunlight – the combination creates a dappled look.

What do conservatory sail blinds look like?

With a vast choice of sizes, shapes, colours, and layouts on offer, conservatory sail blinds don’t have just one definitive look. Customers can personalise their sail blinds to complement the beauty and functional needs of their conservatory. The in-house team of designers at InShade work alongside clients to manufacture blinds that are in line with your requirements.

How are conservatory sail blinds installed?

InShade are the sole creators of conservatory sail blinds, yet we benefit from a national network of suppliers who help our customers on a local level. Our suppliers will survey your home and take measurements to guarantee a perfect fit, before sending these over to the manufacturing plant – here, the dimensions are checked by the engineering team, who then create patterns to cut the fabric by laser. Your sails are then assembled by hand for a perfectly-tailored solution. Once completed, your local supplier will install them. Thanks to the easy-hook design of sail blinds, customers can easily mount and unhook sails for cleaning and other purposes.

Discover more about how you can benefit from conservatory sail blinds. InShade are the only manufacturers of this cutting-edge shading solution – get in touch with our team to find out more about our process, or to find out how we can help enhance your conservatory.



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